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24 Hours Blood Pressure Monitoring

24 hours Blood Pressure monitoring

24 hours blood pressure recording provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s blood pressure fluctuations throughout the day and night, offering valuable insights beyond the occasional readings taken in clinical settings. According to guidelines a suspicion of elevated blood pressure (hypertension) is raised if blood pressure in a clinical setting, i.e. in a hospital or at a surgery is between 140/90 and 180/120. However, when that happens further evaluation with ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, for instance 24 hours blood pressure reading, should be offered. If this cannot be arranged or patients are not able to tolerate it, then home blood pressure measurements can also be considered. Hypertension span style=”font-weight: 400;”> is diagnosed, if 24hrs blood pressure or home blood pressure reveals readings of 135/85 or higher.

Hypertension , is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. In addition to this, monitoring of blood pressure over a 24-hour period allows healthcare professionals to assess the effectiveness of blood pressure medications and adjust their treatment to achieve optimal blood pressure control. Furthermore, it helps identify any “white coat syndrome,” where blood pressure readings are elevated in a clinical setting due to anxiety or stress, but remain normal in everyday life. When patients encounter medical personnel or visit medical facilities, their nervousness or apprehension triggers a physiological response, causing temporary spikes in blood pressure. This sometimes can lead to inaccurate diagnoses of hypertension if based solely on readings obtained in clinical settings. Patients with white coat syndrome may not exhibit consistently high blood pressure levels in their daily lives. 

On the other hand, hypotension, or low blood pressure, can lead to symptoms such as dizziness, fainting,  and fatigue. Monitoring blood pressure continuously throughout the day helps detect episodes of hypotension, enabling clinicians to investigate underlying causes such as dehydration, heart conditions, or even help in diagnosing POTS, which is characterized by an excessive increase in heart rate upon standing. 24 hours blood pressure measurements offers valuable data on how blood pressure responds to changes in posture and activity levels over an entire day. 

Finally, 24 hours blood pressure monitoring reveals the natural variability of blood pressure throughout the day, reflecting the body’s diurnal and nocturnal patterns and response to activities such as exercise, work, and sleep. All the above factors help healthcare professionals in individualising and optimising patients` blood pressure treatment. In clinical practice 24 hours blood pressure monitors often help in excluding hypertension, which leads to reassurance and discharge. 

24 hours blood pressure monitoring can be applied at our clinics at the same time as a clinical consultation.

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